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In my conversations with clients I gather that the main issues exercising the hearts and minds of executives these days are:

Which ever of these challenges you are facing, any programme you launch will be:

As a consequence of these dynamics the organisation will embark on a journey along the well proven Transition Curve. This is a natural reaction, one that cannot be quashed nor avoided, the challenge to the Business is to manage progress through the various stages as quickly and safely as possible, the end objective being a new and often more powerful “Psychological Contract” between staff and Company.

Change Delivery Partners are experts in helping manage this journey and taking the organisation from the dangerous and damaging “Red Zone” to the more positive and productive “Green Zone.”

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Our Strap Line:

Acta non Verba - Actions not Words

For us this means we spend the right amount of time listening to our clients, understanding the desired business outcomes, the challenges and issues, we then move swiftly to action planning and activity - we don’t waste time talking about what we intend to do - we just do it!

Acta non verba

Harry Cowan


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Harry Cowan